I’m Here for You

I have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and the ability to navigate within it.

As an RN Patient Advocate who works directly for you, I assist you and your family by protecting your healthcare rights and safety. I will collaborate directly with all members of your healthcare team to ensure the best possible treatment for the greatest outcomes.

On your behalf, I safeguard your well-being and serve as a complement to the hospital staff, not a replacement for it. I do not replace the bedside Registered Nurses, Physicians, Social Worker, Physical Therapist or Nutritionist.

Here are a few of the services I offer to best fulfill your healthcare needs:

Being Your Patient Advocate

As an RN Patient Advocate I work directly with you and your family to answer your questions, provide education and solutions to navigate today’s healthcare system. I advocate for you at your doctor’s appointments and during hospitalizations. I empower you to ask the right questions to get the answers you need about your healthcare treatment.

The Family Needs to Make Decisions

Often, the family is involved in making decisions about their loved one’s care. I will be by your side to advocate for you. I make sure your family member receives appropriate care, including diagnostics and the correct level of care in the hospital that will result in the best healthcare outcome for all.

The Medical Team Needs Interaction

I serve as a liaison between you, the physicians and the healthcare system. As an experienced RN I speak the medical language and know how the healthcare team and system works. Today’s world of patient-centered care puts you in the driver’s seat. I provide that map.

Medical Cannabis Care

People are using cannabis for health and healing, though most do not know how this plant works in the body and interacts with other drugs. As a certified cannabis nurse I will guide and educate you on proper use for optimum health. Medical Cannabis can be used to treat anxiety, chemo-induced nausea/vomiting, PTSD, chronic pain, insomnia and other diagnoses.

What My Clients Are Saying…

Our mother was in the hospital with a diagnosis of certain death. With Melynda’s help we were able to have Mom discharged to a rehabilitation facility. Our mother is now home and doing well.

Thank you, Melynda!

C.P. Sacramento

Melynda is our angel. We are so incredibly thankful for her kindness, her knowledge, her tenacity and advocacy, and her genuine concern for my sister’s well-being, dignity and recovery. Melynda is like family now and we are forever grateful to her for everything.


To say I’m grateful to Melynda Ruckels is an understatement.  While I was hospitalized Melynda comforted me by explaining my care in layman’s terms and made sure I was treated with respect and dignity.

 C.P. Roseville