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When you use my services there is no limit. I work for you, not the hospital, not the physician and not the insurance companies. I work for you. The only limits are the limits you set.

When services are covered by your insurance there is a set amount of allowed dollars. Physicians are also on a time limit due to reimbursement. Your hospital stay will also be limited due to the allowed amount of days according to your diagnosis. Your insurance dictates your care. As an experienced RN I work for you. I advocate for you. I know the medical language of the physicians and the hospitals and the insurance companies.

A good example: The reason you hire a CPA is because you want an expert to help you with your taxes. You could use a family member with a computer program or do it yourself, but what if you made a mistake? The CPA is the expert in his/her field. The CPA works for you. As an RN Patient Advocate I know how to interpret your lab tests and your medications and their interactions and contraindications. As an RN Patient Advocate I know which hospital unit you need to be admitted to in order to receive the most appropriate care for your diagnosis. I know that physicians usually visit the patient in the hospital for  3-5 minutes. I know that it is the nurses who care for the patient and are there 24/7. The whole point is to improve the quality of your care by having an expert on your side who is solely devoted to that improvement in the quality of your care (Torrey, T. 2015

The only limits are the limits you set. Do not place limits on your health. Do not compromise your health by being uninformed. Call or email me for a       complimentary 15 minute evaluation. I advocate for you.

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